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Posted by roger77swe · 07-05-2015 - 09:47

My experience with dating sites is almost like your own, however, i also know there\s a big difference between the sites.
Now, i will proove you\re wrong>(.
Many people are @acting@ on dating sites, they put up a false profile and then its an open field for scamming but, we can not deny that there are also many people who are serious about it as far as making friends or finding the missing half.
With that been said, the major difference between this site and others i have been active on is the fact that we all are more or less disabled in different ways and we also know that disabled people regardless of its kind, are vounerable to scammers and sometimes easily taken advantage of.
That means this site is safer as far as the usual scams goes.
now,k some people think that its just the admins job to keep a site safe, that\s totally wrong.
it\s up to all of us members to see to the safety on the site and making members feeling welcome and safe enough to use it.­