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Posted by JayniTutson · 09-12-2015 - 08:42

Anyone seeking companionship is seeking to fill a void. Scammers try to fill that void first and get something they want. It's on and off-line and it's nothing new. I have met men who are married pretending they are single. The sad part is they can be blocked, reinvent themselves and come right back. I don't know how to deal with my lack of trust. Perhaps it's a good thing.

For the developmentally disabled, I think I would seek on or offline social gatherings of like minded people. When I see people online who are developmentally disabled, I wonder what is the extent of their disability or ability. I may be wrong but based on the men and women I know who have this disability, I would feel like I'm taking advantage of I dated one. Are they wanting and willing to date non-D.D. individuals?­