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Posted by RS1953 · 21-05-2017 - 09:33

As i have been on the internet 10 yrs plus i have seen what you all have stated here. I too have been scammed but caught on before it cost me money when i get a freind request i look very hard at them before i accept their request. . When i see no information on their profile there's a red flag that goes up. a lot of young woman try to friend you and in 30 mins or less they in love with you and then it comes out they need money for different things, It really upsets me that they are not interested in s relationship. all they want is money. I'm a disabled man who has a good retirement through the military.. its a shame that men and women on here have the gull to take advantage of people that can barely take care of themselves. I completely agree with Roger above, its our responsibility to watch after each other. we must try to protect our frinds on here whether we are in a relatioshio with them of not. I pray each and every one on here looks at the situation the same way. what you see on my profile is all true and correct. I am  a 27 yr veteran of the U S Air Force. I do hope you all have a blessed Sunday, and if i can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Ray Jackson­