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Posted by Cnt88 · 24-10-2018 - 07:43

I can empathetically relate to your post. I think most of us can relate to your “self pity” days. I myself have been disabled for nearly 10 years, before my serious motorcycle accident; I was fully able and sort of; living the “life” so to speak hehe. Unfortunately I was taking most days and life functions for granted. What a rude awakening to (as the song goes “ wake up and ain’t nothing the same” I feel blessed though, because rude, or not I truly needed a more intelligent perspective of the world. I’ll forever be thankful that God must’ve had me live and wake up for a reason.
Obviously you’re alive too thankfully. It’s all about keeping a positive attitude my friend. Just shape your new life into the best you could have. If you ever need an ear then feel free to hit me up. Your life can still be meaningful. Please trust­