Internet and dating
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Posted by skattermom · 31-03-2015 - 16:24

Hi All,
What I've noticed working with adults that have developmental disabilities is an opportunity for them to meet new people in a safe environment. Some have had attempts of people trying to scam and or take advantage of them on the internet. Fake profiles, asking for money and each and every one of them were telling my clients that they loved them within 2 days. 2 DAYS AND THEN THEY NEEDED MONEY ! It was always for money... Anyway I'm hoping that this site will be different but I not optimistic. 
So please prove me wrong... Have a great Day!  SMILE­

Posted by love2cuddleu · 05-04-2015 - 17:40

I had a brother and a sister who were mentally impaired.Yes, it would have been very easy for them to  get taken advantage of. Mike, my older brother,was living in an Adult Foster Home, and his manager was a lady who looked out for Michaels needs/ My sister Mary,also older,lived with us,and my mom looked after her welfare,and then i became her guardian,but only for her housing and health issues.
 However,uh hmm, a man,who has a Masters Degree,one I know all too well, got scammed twice on online dating,so,it can happen to anyone, I speak from experience.We have to look out for each other here and turn in scammers.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 16-04-2015 - 15:37

Those with learning disabilities need a certain amount of protection & supervision, that includes online. This site is no different to any other. I have had the scammers, we all have. Here, they are dealt with very quickly & banned, so do report them to admin. The problem is for everyone that is banned there is another to take their place. Such people are seen as easy targets & it angers me that some people have such low morals that they would want to steal from the innocent & vulnerable. But there are those of us who do not want to scam, & there are many on D4D like that.­

Posted by roger77swe · 07-05-2015 - 09:47

My experience with dating sites is almost like your own, however, i also know there\s a big difference between the sites.
Now, i will proove you\re wrong>(.
Many people are @acting@ on dating sites, they put up a false profile and then its an open field for scamming but, we can not deny that there are also many people who are serious about it as far as making friends or finding the missing half.
With that been said, the major difference between this site and others i have been active on is the fact that we all are more or less disabled in different ways and we also know that disabled people regardless of its kind, are vounerable to scammers and sometimes easily taken advantage of.
That means this site is safer as far as the usual scams goes.
now,k some people think that its just the admins job to keep a site safe, that\s totally wrong.
it\s up to all of us members to see to the safety on the site and making members feeling welcome and safe enough to use it.­

Posted by suds00 · 13-05-2015 - 15:15

most onothersitesrunwhentheyhearhandicap.thosethatdon' key must be stuck.sorry­

Posted by skyblue60 · 22-07-2015 - 23:50

I am not new to dating sites but I have been disabled for about 6 years, no one wants to be around me
I am not ugly just different. I am almost 60 and very lonely. Been without company a long time now. my sweetheart died 12 years ago and I have just be goofing around. Need someone that  likes to chat 
on the computer and may be the phone.

Posted by BrightEyes65 · 05-08-2015 - 18:15

I am new to online sites and new to this site. I have been legally disabled since 2009. I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and advanced degenerative disk disease. When my husband of 25 years found out that I would not get better he left me for another woman, we have 4 children together. 
Because of what he did I am totally scared of trusting someone else. 
I am also worried about two of my boys. The oldest(24) has severe learning disabilities and can easily be taken advantage of. My youngest(17) is moderately Autistic and has a hard time wanting to get into any social situation. 
Does anyone have any suggestions to help me and my sons?
Thank you.­

Posted by JayniTutson · 09-12-2015 - 08:42

Anyone seeking companionship is seeking to fill a void. Scammers try to fill that void first and get something they want. It's on and off-line and it's nothing new. I have met men who are married pretending they are single. The sad part is they can be blocked, reinvent themselves and come right back. I don't know how to deal with my lack of trust. Perhaps it's a good thing.

For the developmentally disabled, I think I would seek on or offline social gatherings of like minded people. When I see people online who are developmentally disabled, I wonder what is the extent of their disability or ability. I may be wrong but based on the men and women I know who have this disability, I would feel like I'm taking advantage of I dated one. Are they wanting and willing to date non-D.D. individuals?­

Posted by RS1953 · 21-05-2017 - 09:33

As i have been on the internet 10 yrs plus i have seen what you all have stated here. I too have been scammed but caught on before it cost me money when i get a freind request i look very hard at them before i accept their request. . When i see no information on their profile there's a red flag that goes up. a lot of young woman try to friend you and in 30 mins or less they in love with you and then it comes out they need money for different things, It really upsets me that they are not interested in s relationship. all they want is money. I'm a disabled man who has a good retirement through the military.. its a shame that men and women on here have the gull to take advantage of people that can barely take care of themselves. I completely agree with Roger above, its our responsibility to watch after each other. we must try to protect our frinds on here whether we are in a relatioshio with them of not. I pray each and every one on here looks at the situation the same way. what you see on my profile is all true and correct. I am  a 27 yr veteran of the U S Air Force. I do hope you all have a blessed Sunday, and if i can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Ray Jackson­

Posted by megan222 · 24-09-2017 - 00:26

I'm new here, but as suds00 pointed out, when people hear disabled they do run. Either that or the ones who do stick around have bad designs on me. I have a developmental disorder but it mostly effects me socially -- I'm a bit off-- and when doing things that should be simple. Other than that, I have skills but due to my panic / agoraphobia disability, I have nowhere to go. I've tried only one site like this before and it was similar to any other site. I would say that for me, I want to believe in nice things but after years of things failing-- probably most of them being my fault-- I hate to say it but I'm a skeptic. I'd love to be proven wrong!­

Posted by bigbabybilly · 28-09-2017 - 11:01

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Posted by KeithW · 01-08-2019 - 17:15

Hey y' all. I'm doing what I said I would not do. I'm on PC looking for girlfriend  friend and my other half. I'm trying to find a woman who will understand I'm not perfect. I have a brain injury that I got in 1996. I walk, talk, drive, get on ham radio and computer. My ex went to Texas and died there. I guess you can call my a widower? Anyhow I want a life again. I want to love and be loved. Simple. I'm not expecting unreal expectations but I am hoping for the compassion and feelings I desire. I'm tired of being hurt so I have no intentions of hurting anyone else.­

Posted by jawsgirl87 · 06-10-2019 - 16:45

I've been visually impaired all my life. Everything on my profile is correct, I would never take advantage of someone who's developmentally disabled.

My thing is, though, the developmentally disabled should be monitored closely when they're going online, as they mmay or may not have the mental capacity to understand what someone might be asking for.

Just my thoughts,