Linking back to my own profile???
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Posted by DSMTraveler · 22-04-2015 - 18:49

When I favorite someone -- I get an alert that I have favorite'ed myself.  I don't think the other person knows they have been favorite'ed.  And, immediately after favorite'ing this other person (within a second) there was my profile picture in my favorites list with an email (for which I could spend my point - no thank you).  The other person was not online according to the online icon.

I have sent out an email and there are two checks by it, indicated that it has been read but those two checks came once I had re-read what I had written so I do not think my email was ever received by the recipient.  It shows up in my inbox and has a place for me to reply (to my own email).­

Posted by DSMTraveler · 22-04-2015 - 18:54

And how do I delete someone from my inbox?­

Posted by TupeloTruckDriver · 24-04-2015 - 08:45

i just favorited someone to see if it was working, and it works for me. i'm sure it's working for you. and the online icon seems to be working, but remember, online means the site has been left up on their computer or phone by them, they're not necessarily on at that time.

when you favorite someone, an email is sent to them alerting them, essentially you sent them an email. so it displays in your inbox their profile picture and says you favorited them and then down below it says reply. that reply is to reply to their email. the inbox is organized by conversations. 

hopefully all this makes sense.­

Posted by TupeloTruckDriver · 24-04-2015 - 08:50

you can't delete anybody from your inbox. those are your conversations. please enter 'organize by conversations' in a search engine and read up on it­

Posted by DSMTraveler · 24-04-2015 - 18:56

Then why is it showing my photo in my inbox with 2 messages waiting?  

And my photo in 'Contacted me'?  And in 'Favorited me', 'Viewed my profile' and 'Added me to favorites'?

That makes no sense.­

Posted by DSMTraveler · 27-04-2015 - 19:48

Reply sent to you w/ scans of info.­

Posted by DSMTraveler · 04-05-2015 - 18:02

Still having problems -- sent a reply email.­