The mobile app issues
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Posted by roger77swe · 06-05-2015 - 07:33

Hi all.
I have put up a post on my blog "blindtrix" about some issues with the mobile app for d4d.
I've tried the app myself as a blind user and found some issues regarding both navigation and i have also got a comment that allerted me to the fact that you can not access the blogs from there, i don't think you can access the forums either.
now, Since the post is written from a blind point of view, i'm now interested in how you all others experiencing the app.
now, some bit geeky questions:
How is the app developed? and who is developing it?
I tried the app on iphone about a year ago and now i'm using Android 4.4 and as for what i can recall the links couldn't be red by either voiceover or talkback which is rather confusing and timeconsuming for a blind or other user that uses screenreading software on their phones. How about trying to develop an app similar to facebook as far as the design goes, minus the rolling updating scheme and the ads in the middle of everything.(that's how facebook looks like when using it on android 4.4 with talkback).
if i knew how to create an app that's cross platform i would probably try to make a beta for d4d but since it's a tricky thing to learn i guess the best is to leave things as suggestions and ideas.
so, read the post about mobile issues and give me some comments, thanks:)­

Posted by AdminD4D · 10-05-2015 - 08:02

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback.
The mobile app is pretty basic, by design. It's not suppose to contain everything the site has to offer (such as the blogs and forums), but mainly a search and communication device, linked to the regular site.
That said, the app still needs some work done since it's got a lot of problems. Now that the work on the new desktop site is pretty much over, our tech team is working these days on improving the app and we will release a new version soon.
I'm not sure who developed it at the beginning, but I'll make sure to pass all your comments to our current technical team.
Thanks :)­

Posted by roger77swe · 10-05-2015 - 13:01

I see, in other words, the app is ment to be a search/messenger combo, that explains quite a lot.
I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to accessibility and unlike quite a few people i''ve learned most of computing and development by experience which is rather handy, especially when it comes down to finding ways of improvements.­