Hello cooking-lovers:)
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Posted by roger77swe · 10-05-2015 - 15:25

Since i'm also a guy who likes cooking, experimenting with dishes and have fun in the kitchen, how about sharing tips and recipes?
As a first post of this topic i will give you a tip where to find some really nice recipes.
An australian guy by the name of Stephen Owens has a youtube channel where you can find many really nice dishes to try out and his way of describing how he cooks the different recipes are so good that even a blind guy like me can do it.
so, if you want a nice recipe for a nice dinner or are you tired of getting the rice cooked wrong? don't worry you will find answers to that too.
On youtube, just search for steve's kitchen, subscribe to his channel and browse around and have a look at all the nice recipes.
Hope this little tip will give someone a hint of what to cook for the day:)­