Free point
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Posted by Paolo · 26-12-2015 - 18:48

anyone else have a problem getting their non-paying member free point? its almost the end of this month and i have yet to receive my free point to read my message for this month - last month i got it rather late and only after emailing administration about it. i have emailed them again this month but no response or resolution. whats going on?­

Posted by garysme2002 · 20-01-2016 - 16:45

Admin has completely abandoned this site it seems.  I care little about the free point because nobody talks to me on here anyway, but I have messaged and posted in these forums recently regarding the phony profiles showing up with ridiculous numbers listed in the "height" section of their profiles.  I just saw one (female) listing her height as 12' 10"  And I have no idea how they are doing this because the drop-down doesn't go that high.  They have to be hacking it somehow.­

Posted by jamblu · 23-01-2016 - 08:47

I'm a paying member and was able to use my free point prior to joining­