Can't view profiles
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Posted by Thomas65 · 12-02-2017 - 04:53

Since yesterday I am suddenly not able to view profiles. Whenever I click on the name or photo nothings happens. Also the search button in the Quick Search doesn't work.
I use the latest Firefox with Win 7 64bit. Same problem with the Google Chrome browser. 
Does anybody else has this problem?­

Posted by rdarden1221 · 04-02-2018 - 04:22

How can I do this tho??­

Posted by myrtlebeach0110 · 08-02-2018 - 19:04

This site is terrible. I have no idea how to navigate it and there doesn't seem to be any instructions anywhere. I don't even know if i am posting this in the proper place. i cannot find anyone in my own state to connect with, everyone lives all over the country. I am not wanting to drive 3 or 4 states away for a date! The idea that this site actually wants to charge people for this kind of service is unheard of. What a bunch of crap!­