Can't view profiles
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Posted by Thomas65 · 12-02-2017 - 04:53

Since yesterday I am suddenly not able to view profiles. Whenever I click on the name or photo nothings happens. Also the search button in the Quick Search doesn't work.
I use the latest Firefox with Win 7 64bit. Same problem with the Google Chrome browser. 
Does anybody else has this problem?­

Posted by rdarden1221 · 04-02-2018 - 04:22

How can I do this tho??­

Posted by myrtlebeach0110 · 08-02-2018 - 19:04

This site is terrible. I have no idea how to navigate it and there doesn't seem to be any instructions anywhere. I don't even know if i am posting this in the proper place. i cannot find anyone in my own state to connect with, everyone lives all over the country. I am not wanting to drive 3 or 4 states away for a date! The idea that this site actually wants to charge people for this kind of service is unheard of. What a bunch of crap!­

Posted by Carri · 17-02-2019 - 18:16

I just had someone message me yesterday saying he couldn't see my profile.  I think it's that the popup blockers on the browser can block them, or if you're using an ad blocker it can do it.  So if anyone ever gets this problem, try turning off the popup blocking setting in your browser and turn off any ad blockers you have.  Then clear your browser's cache and refresh the page.  It should work.  You can also try different browsers, but you will still have to turn off any popup blocking setting.­

Posted by Sandstorm58 · 22-08-2019 - 10:23

Haven't ever had a problem navigating this site so must be you and you alone! You can use ADVANCE SEARCH and instead of placing all the info in just place your state and search. SIMPLE AS PIE! A SECOND GRADER CAN DO IT! You don't like the site well GET OFF IT!­