Its wrong to charge
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Posted by joseph62 · 22-01-2018 - 08:14

just another site taking advantage of disabled people .charging well over the top as many do .should be ashamed­

Posted by MuttOfGentleness · 16-08-2018 - 18:58

Free member, now.  I remember when this site allowed members to freely interact with non-members.­

Posted by MuttOfGentleness · 15-09-2018 - 15:23

This dating site is actually cheap, compared to most dating sites.­

Posted by Carri · 28-09-2018 - 21:07

Charging for messages bothers me.  I'm not paying for messages.­

Posted by Cnt88 · 24-10-2018 - 05:40

This isn’t free; which n in   Medoe I scares me away, but this site at least is decently price ands this charge per message. Better for the ex­

Posted by Cnt88 · 24-10-2018 - 05:47

Accounts that truly take advantage usually charge for ridiculous amenities; such as per message. That doesn’t work for the expressive woman in me so I’m happy to connect  ;)­

Posted by Bagheera67 · 14-01-2019 - 20:07

I completely agree with the original poster.

I will not become a paid member of the service and don't even bother using the site anymore. I am sick and tired of people looking at us like we are nothing more than a rolling ATM machine.

Everybody from paid caregiver agencies to nursing agencies and everybody else has their frigging hand out to make money off our disability. But they don't care about us as a person, it's all about the money. I'm tired of it. I'm fed up with people "cashing in" on my disability and using my disability and misery in this world to fund their paychecks. And I don't get anything out of it.

I'm done with it. They can keep the website. I'm not interested. Just another group of people using us to make money. :/­

Posted by Stephen66 · 07-03-2019 - 15:11

I remember when it use to be free. What got us at the time is there was no warning. We all came on one day & found we had to pay. We were not happy, but were not even allowed to discuss it.

Is it worth paying? That is the question. This is far from the most active site. It is not promoted well to get new members. It is low is search sites' rankings.

I come back from time to time, when my health permits, to see what is happening. I have yet to pay.­