Nc country boy looking for a country girl
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Posted by KeithW · 01-08-2019 - 16:49

Hey y' all. I'm back in the pool looking for a woman who will be up front and honest. I am on disability so I am not rich nor do I have money to send or give. I want a long term relationship with a person who understands my issues and yes, will move in eventually. Why? It's kind of a two way street where I can help them and they can help me. I'm interested in country girls because I prefer living in country and heck, Butner really ain't a city but still is one. I'm tired of being lied to for wanting money.  I ain't a sugar daddy. I want a compassionate woman who has values. I really don't have a preference in looks but having a little meat on you would go a long way. I like the radio hobby. I am an amateur radio operator or HAM. I'm a general class Ham. I like walks in the country or eating by the lake. I love to cook and I'm good at it Anymore questions, please ask­