New to this site
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Posted by Flyingflower · 14-09-2021 - 23:19

I am new to this site. 70 yo grandma, divorced, 2 kids 2 grands, live alone. 5'6", 140 lbs. 

I am mostly independent, however will not walk extremely long distances due to nerve damage in my feet (neuropathy). But am mobile, drive my turbocharged VW Beetle, do grocery shopping, dry cleaners, post office etc. Go for a treasure hunting at Goodwill, then try to sell on eBay for fun. I believe I have a divine right to have fun. 

My hands are out of shape due to arthritis, especially my right one, however I can do everything. And oh diabetes. Can't eat anything sweet, meaning no potatoes, no bread, no pasta, no rice, no juice, no dessert, and coffee doesn't agree with me, so not much left when eating out. 

All of the above is hard to explain to the perfectly healthy folks, so am trying my luck on this site.­