Changes to site
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Posted by PWCME · 19-03-2015 - 12:12

What does everyone think of the changes? I like the way that the messages are now on the screen like a smart phone text conversation. I haven't checked out the other changes. Will do so later and report back... are there only three forums now?­

Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 22:23

You have obviously not read the blogs or the Tech Fourm. I cannot access messages.­

Posted by PWCME · 22-04-2015 - 11:58

Now, now Stephen. I generally don't read the blogs and I haven't had time to read the forums in a while. I have only just read the technical help forum. And your first post there was made a couple of hours after my first post here. I don't have any time-travel equipment so I didn't know about your many issues with the site. The main question I want to ask now is have all those issues been resolved? From a search I have done, it definitely seems that the issue of knowing when someone was last signed in has been sorted. Bear in mind that I am currently a paying member though.

Anyway, isn't it great to have a pro-active, reasonable admin on the site for once? Someone that actually listens to ideas, suggestions and complaints and doesn't take each suggestion as a personal insult? We should always strive for better, but let's also be grateful for what we have.­

Posted by roger77swe · 07-05-2015 - 09:25

I agree with you, there has been a huge improvement on the site since i was here last summer. The only thing i have a bit of struggle with now is the fact that i have to change page style from time to time depending on what i do on the site.­