Bugs with the new site
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Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 17:43

As the site has a new url anyone trying to sign in should automatically be redirected to the new url. Many people do not realise & think the site has gone.

I can now partly access my new emails, and now my old ones. That has been fixed.

Still cannot change any settings, this includes passwords which is a vital option on any site for security.

Also cannot stop or change to daily digest for betting email notifications when someone posts on my blogs. 

There is still no list of new comments/replies on the blogs menu. Again, this is a vital option on any site so you can see what have been posted without having to check ever blog & scrolling through all the comments.

We still cannot create paragraphs in the blogs, it all merges into one. This is very annoying & for those of use who are visually impaired it is also extremely  difficult to read.

We cannot create blogs from the blogs, have to go to home. This is silly. Nor can we edit our blogs from the blogs, again have to go from home, click several options to get to the blog we wish to edit. All this should be accessible from the blogs.

We cannot delete any replies on our blogs either, only the whole blog.

We still cannot see when someone last signed in, was active on the site.

It is a good idea we can stay signed in when we leave the site, but there should be an option to turn this off & a warning when signing in to not choose this option when on a public/shared computer. This is also a major security issue.

All the threads & post have gone from the old forums.

There are issues when searching for members. I for one do not want to sate myself.

I cannot access the site on my tablet, it forces me to the mobile site & I get an error message. I have to access the site via a link on the email notification of my blog comments.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 17:45

I cannot edit my forum threads either, only reply to them.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 17:47

I am also sometimes getting 2 email notifications for every reply to my blogs, this is very annoying indeed, especially as I do not want any notifications.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 17:52

When you send a message to another member you cannot be sure if it was sent. There is no confirmation, just a blank message. You have no idea what has happened.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 17:54

As we are getting notifications of blog replies & cannot turn them off, when you click on the link in your email it should take you to the reply & not to the top of the page.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 17:57

There are no emoticons/smillies on the blogs or forums. This is not just a nice thing to have but also shows the tone & mood, which can reduce misunderstandings.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 21:13

Profiles also no longer have paragraphs, it all blurs into one.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 19-03-2015 - 21:21

Correction: I can see the emails/messages I have, but I cannot open them. It just takes me to a page to reply.­

Posted by washngtngent · 20-03-2015 - 09:26

When I pull up my favorites list it does not show who, if any of them, are on site at the moment. The only way to tell who is on is to search through the ENTIRE list of on line people.­

Posted by washngtngent · 20-03-2015 - 09:31

While I can now access my older emails I have received, I cannot access the ones I have sent. I cannot remember everything I have sent to people and it would be helpful to be able to review my older sent emails.­

Posted by washngtngent · 20-03-2015 - 09:40

The text box for received messages is MUCH too small, allowing you to see only two lines at a time. This makes it VERY hard to read them and to retain the continuity of the message. The entire send/receive portion of the inbox page only takes up the top 1/3 of the page, so there is plenty of room to expand that section so you can read all or at least a substantial portion of received messages. Why so stingy with the space allowed for received messages?­

Posted by washngtngent · 20-03-2015 - 09:53

There is still no information on when a member was last on the site. This is important to enable communication with people who are active and not waste time and effort sending a message to someone who hasn't been on for two years (or longer).­

Posted by Stephen66 · 23-03-2015 - 18:15

Some people cannot access the forums either.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 23-03-2015 - 18:20

I have now just gotten emails notifying me that I have posted in the blogs. This is getting beyond a joke. I do now I have posted, I get a rather big clue about it.­

Posted by AdminD4D · 24-03-2015 - 10:01

Hi Stephen,

1. The URL now directs to the new site.
2. We are going add an option to control site's notifications (from blogs).
3. You can edit your profile on Setting or on My Profile box on your home page. In this box you can also change your password by clicking on the Change Password link.
4. I asked for the "latest comments" link on the Blogs page to be restored.
5. The paragraph issue is known to us, it will be fixed soon.
6. We are going to add options of editing and adding new posts from the Blogs page as well.
7. Deleting replies issue - I will look into this issue.
8. There is no option to see when someone last signed, and this is probably going to stay this way.
9. logging out on public computers - I will raise a red flag regarding this issue.
10. Old forums - unfortunately the old forums are gone and will not be restored.
11. Can you please send me some more detail about the searching problem to
12. There are some bugs we are currently working on with the mobile site and app, to be fixed soon.­

Posted by AdminD4D · 24-03-2015 - 10:10

-Confirmation about sent/received messages will be added, hopefully soon.
-Emoticons for Blogs and Forums - already on the waiting list
-If you are still having problems with your old or new messages, please write me to so we can look into this problem.­

Posted by AdminD4D · 24-03-2015 - 10:15

Hi washngtngent, 
1. The online issue is a known issue and will be fixed soon.
2. I will look into the old sent messages issue and update you.
3. Regarding the message box size - I agree with you, I will pass along this issue.
4. Regarding last seen on site - see my answer to Stephen­

Posted by Stephen66 · 24-03-2015 - 18:33

Hi Susan, TY for the responses. I can now change my password & have done so. Glad the issues will be fixed.

I am very disappointed that the issue of not seeing when a person was last active will not be changed. This is a vital function on any site like that, I am not the only person who thinks this too. I asked that it be reconsidered.

It is also a shame about the old forums, they could have been exported to here. Will also contact you about messages. 

I will have another go at searching & let you know.­

Posted by abetterlife · 28-03-2015 - 12:40

I agree fully with OP that this is a major issue:
"There is no option to see when someone last signed, and this is probably going to stay this way."
Not being able to see whether someone is active greatly diminishes the value of the site. That comment is honestly not hyperbole. Consider how you would feel if you were a member: You have some disability that limits your time and activities. Would you invest that precious time on writing to people who may not be active? Of course not. I MOST STRONGLY ask that you consider changing this.
Jamie [abetterlife]­