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Posted by Queen · 24-03-2015 - 00:20

I'm not able to access new messages, only the old ones from the old site.­

Posted by Stephen66 · 24-03-2015 - 08:08

You can read your old messages or just access the page?­

Posted by AdminD4D · 24-03-2015 - 10:25

Hi Queen, can you please send some more details?
What happens when you go to your Inbox? Which device are you using (PC, Mobile phone)?­

Posted by Queen · 24-03-2015 - 17:42

I can access the old page and read the old messages.  The new site says I have messages but when I go to the inbox there is nothing there.­

Posted by Queen · 24-03-2015 - 17:44

I'm using a PC.­

Posted by AdminD4D · 25-03-2015 - 14:22

Hi, this was actually a bug :)
You had 2 messages from a deleted member (scammer), so the messages were gone, but the notification was not.
Now it's  fixed and not suppose to happen again.­

Posted by Queen · 25-03-2015 - 17:21

Thanks, Susan, but it still shows new messages.­

Posted by brad301289 · 26-03-2015 - 16:05

not showing new messages , have to go to old site , and the new messages aint there­

Posted by brad301289 · 26-03-2015 - 16:11

i cannot read new messages , i cannot send any messages either , whats the point of the updated site ?­

Posted by Stephen66 · 26-03-2015 - 19:47

There arw often bugs with any sites that update Brad. We help them sort it all out by posting any problems we have.­